Participated in APSGW 2019!

Hello! This is Taka, President of SEDS Waseda.

I attended APSGW (Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop) in Nagoya from 23-24 November as an organizer!

(Group photo)


APSGW is an annual Asia-Pacific conference hosted by SGAC (Space Generation Advisory Council), and its purpose is to empower young voices and build a youth network in the region.
The event consisted of lectures, panel discussions, and working groups, and the outcomes were presented at APRSAF (Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum) the following week. Dozens of students and young professionals from the region were present, including former SEDS Waseda President Takahito!
Activities and discussions with space agency employees and startup executives (and an astronaut!) were stimulating and fun.

(Panel discussion, from right to left: space agency representatives from South Korea, Thailand, Australia, and Japan)


SGAC has many conferences and events in and outside of Japan, so we hope to get more actively involved in the future!

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